See the Show!

I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL! will be performed as part of the New York International Fringe Festival. All tickets are $15 and available for purchase on the FringeNYC website.

Our performance dates and times:

  • Friday, August 14 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 15 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 18 at 6:15 p.m.
  • Wednesday, August 26 at 9:15 p.m.
  • Friday, August 28 at 4:45 p.m.

We will be performing at the beautiful and historic Cherry Lane Theater (38 Commerce Street between 7th Avenue & Hudson Street) in the heart of Greenwich Village. Come out and say “Hai!”


53 responses to “See the Show!

  1. are you gonna make a homage reference to 4chan & Caturday? Since thats the real reason behind all this

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  7. oh teh noes. I dunt live der….D:

  8. Heck I wanted to see that 😦

    But living in Denmark it’s kinda long way to see a musical 😛

  9. PLEEEEZE coms to Seattle! Us needz da LOLmoosic!

  10. I have no idea how a musical based on a completely plot-free website could work, but they made a film of the Darwin Awards so who knows?

    There’s little chance I’ll ever get to New York, so I’ll settle for asking if there’s any chance you’ll make a recorded version or at least a manuscript available for online download.

    I really don’t know how it could possibly work, but I am nothing if not curious.


  11. thegreenllama

    not where i live?

  12. DO WANT. But live in Ireland. Cries.

  13. I bet somebody will record it and put it on YouTube so we can all enjoy the LOLs.

  14. Record & yootub, pls?

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  16. Bring the show to the Vancouver Fringe!!! (Please?)

  17. I can has trailer?

  18. Hai, Can has trailer? , KTHXBYE

  19. Com to Sharlotte NC, kthxby

  20. Yesh, Vancouver plox.

  21. cheezburgersrock

    O hai!
    Plz come 2 Omaha, Nebraska?
    4 us?

  22. fo realz!!!! i must has a see o dis amzn show! plz to come to da chicagos an maek a laff in ma face!!!!! kthnxbai!


  24. Oztraylia gud to toor!

  25. Englands plees =) mez make a happy for yuu

  26. For all those even mentioning the follow, STFU And read.
    Lolcats was around before 4chan existed. It wasnt called lolcats. They were just the kind of pictures children would send around highschool computer networks during Information Technology lessons.
    When 4chan came out several years later, the craze was popularized and immortalised.
    Then ICANHASCHEESEBURGER copied it all onto a site. And claimed it as its own.
    There are MANY MANY people/sites that claim to have started lolcats. Most of them preteens who found out about the craze in 07

  27. Hai from DownUnda
    U r wun lukkee buncha Noo Yorkas to has cheezburgerz wit musik in da Villig dis summa!
    Luv to be dere but will settel on YooToob mashin and watch upside-down from abuv … pleeeez?!

  28. We needz u to com to Pittzburg Pleeze! We have nice thee ay turz heer!

  29. oh teh noes. I dunt live der!!!! 2.

  30. i can has recording?

    on utube?



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  32. WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I am so there. I *love* the Cherry Lane Theatre too!

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  34. Oh man, I’m not going to even move to BOSTON until September 6th =[
    I’s a poor li’l Mainah.
    I wish I could see it! Maybe you guys could tour.
    Maybe you could let some of us aspiring actors try out for it? ❤

  35. “I have no idea how a musical based on a
    completely plot-free website could work”
    You’ve seen Cats right?
    Plot-free, inspired by cats, it’s essentially the same concept, and look how much attention that one has had!

  36. We have the International Film Festival here in Providence, RI, so why not Icanhascheesburger? I want to go!

  37. Awwweee… I live so far away.

  38. I’m going there with a huge Brought to you by 4chan sign. I promise.

  39. Da interwebs is free. You wants to claim credits, you neeedz te copyrights or publish wif teh Random House or sumfin. You post, you gives free.

  40. anonymous Coward

    That is blatently untrue. By modern copyright law in most countries, anything you create/write is copywrited by you unless you explicitly give up that copyright. Effectively, by writing it you are copyrighting it. The catch is more ofthen than not a website will have a clause somewhere in their legal documentation saying something to the effect of “By hitting submit you acknowledge that this posting belongs to” The point being that you do not need to go to any publishing house, random or otherwise to claim credit for your creation – just the act of proving you are the creator is enough. While this holds fine for individual posts and pictures, its very difficult to apply to the Meme of lolcats in its entirety. You can not copyright a meme. Nor can anyone truly prove that they were the first to create a lolcat. It is generally accepted, however that 4chan is responsible for the Meme’s status of “Internet Meme,” whether or not the absolute first lolcat appeared on their site. While we can’t give them a copyright for lolcats, I think it would be silly not to give them credit.

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  42. Good comment, anonymous Coward – BUT — remember that non-negotiated contracts with no input from one of the contractees HAVE been adjudged to be invalid. If a signature is signed by coercian, it can render the contract void. NOT ALWAYS. But it can.

  43. so will this musicLOL be recorded & available for sale to those of us who are not fortunate enough to be able to attend?? pweeze?? ='(

  44. It might just be that referencing 4chan, etc., would be off topic and diffuse the point of the musical. That’s basic new works development for you.

    On the other hand, “It’s just a show/you should really just relax.”

  45. I just saw it yesterday it was LOL good! Very talented and kitty-centric. Bad news for anyone who didnt get tix yet: TIME Magazine just arrived and did a 2-page spread on “I can has media empire?” so now EVERYONE will want tix. They mention the musicLOL and everything (like they even know what a musicLOL) is. Oh hai – now everyone will know.

  46. I’m trying to get tickets to the August 26th show, but it’s sold out! (I can’t has cheezburger). If anyone has an extra ticket, please respond.

  47. Hai!

    We can haz LOLcats in San Diego, CA?! Kthxbye!

  48. please 2 come to Ohio!!

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