NY Theatre’s Review of the MusicLOL!


An excerpt of NY Theatre’s glowing review of I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL!

“The production is laugh-out-loud hilarious, while still being able subtly to present a commentary on our mediatized existence. It throws into relief the obsession we all have with the imaginary online world. Lolcat discovers a whole wonderland of adventure within the ether of the internet, but one with little applicability IRL (that is, in real life).

I Can Has Cheezburger is extremely well-written. It is able to be overflowing with jokes while still telling a coherent, albeit outrageous, tale. The text is punctuated with clever one-liners and witty wordplay, particularly through its use of internet acronyms and shorthand. The music is quite catchy and the lyrics are gleefully humorous.”

Check out the whole review here.

Thanks, NY Theatre! We love you, too!

One response to “NY Theatre’s Review of the MusicLOL!

  1. I LOVED the show. Saw it tonight and thought it was hysterical and crazy creative. The songs were catchy and the actors were fantastic all around. I figured I would have fun (because, honestly, who wouldn’t have fun when LOLCats are involved), but I was thrilled that I had such a good time. My only regret is that I didn’t see it earlier so I don’t have many shows left to talk it up, although judging by the crowd, you don’t need my help. Kudos to all involved. (And yes, I bought a cheeseburger on my way home!)

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