Moar <3 from Playbill

Playbill! For serious?! You’re making the MusicLOL blush!

4 responses to “Moar <3 from Playbill

  1. Teh_Juggernaut

    You should post lots more photos and maybe even a few rehearsal sneak-preview videos (like, at least one piece of content per day). I bet the Cheezburger folks would help generate lots of interest and buzz behind the show…

  2. Teh_Juggernaut

    This site fails for not providing frequent updates. I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL has the potential to be HUGE and whoever is marketing it is failing hardcore.

  3. This is true. :c

  4. My flight lands at 9am. If all goes well and trains are running on time, I hope to make it to ICHC the MusicLOL by 1145 on Saturday!

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